December 31, 1992: a cemetery of the mind

This is a very special episode in which I attend a party. I'm going to need you to mentally and spiritually prepare yourselves, because it's excruciating. I start out with a poem I haven't what would buy a meal to feed a starving louse. And I must beg, and I must steal, or moulder in the … Continue reading December 31, 1992: a cemetery of the mind


December 28, 1992

I'm going to try to speed through some of these sad Christmas break posts, because they are boring and also because they are bumming me out. My crazed-with-boredom-and-houseboundness handwriting is also hard to read. I think I would enjoy vacation better if I had a chance of eventually going out and doing something. I want … Continue reading December 28, 1992