January 8, 1993 – I’m better at abstract ideas

I forgot my book yesterday. I don’t think I would have had much to write anyhow. Almost the first time we get to write something in English, we have to write about environmentalism. I’m better at abstract ideas.

Actually you’re good at SCIENCE. You just don’t LIKE it yet.

E seems different. She’ll philosophize more and even better, she’s back to her abundant vocabulary. E has one of the largest vocabularies of anyone I know.

Again with the vocabulary. E is very smart and she does speak well, which is probably why she’s so funny. This was clearly important to me because I’m actually pretty bad at coming up with what I want to say. I’m a slow thinker and talker and it bothered (and bothers) me.

I end this short entry with some disjointed fragments

I’m very tired and rather numb. If you don’t love the person, the truth is an attack. Mr. P threatens the class with the latin book. The great condom metaphor;


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