January 1, 1993 – a dream of a shadow

You may remember that in the last episode, I was attempting to enjoy a high school party – in my unique way – and was starting to think about maybe heading home.

H [E’s boyfriend] drove me home and this surprised me. It shouldn’t, but he and E were very nice about it. They disliked the party too.

Then a poem

Man’s life is a day. What is he, what is he not?
Man is the dream of a shadow. But when the god given brightness comes
A bright light is among men, and an age that is gentle comes to birth.

Then I relate a dream I had that night because that’s always interesting

I had a rather bizarre dream last night that short little demons were wandering around in packs devouring people. So, some people I can’t recall and I hid inside a house with food (like Anne Frank) and were very quiet so the demons couldn’t hear us. We’d hide under beds also so the demons couldn’t see us through the windows…Later the house became a boat and a battle took place between our boat and another. The other had an old man on it, very cross-looking and militant..Instead of my usual wave dreams where I’m on the edge of the shore or further inland, the waves were hitting me while I was in the middle of a sort of gulf. And the other boat kept coming and knocking us over and whipping us up through the air to land in a giant splash.

The old guy on the boat showed up over and over again in my dreams in increasingly disturbing ways. I still have wave dreams about giant, scary waves. Recently I had one where I just basically sighed heavily and let the stupid wave hit me. It turned everything light blue dots and I felt tingly.


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