December 23, 1992

“Every man’s wisdom is peculiar to his own individuality” Blake, again. I read this for the second time on the bus this morning. I don’t have much to say about it. I just like it.

So, the thing I didn’t quite get about Blake back then is that he really wasn’t into science as a way of gaining knowledge. Wisdom was supposed to be innate to the person. While it sounds nice, that can go very badly. These posts have been fairly image-less and that’s sad. So, here’s a favorite image from the book Milton. Librarians (like me) love a good Venn diagram.

You can find all sorts of crazy Blake art at the Blake Archive, but I found this on Wikimedia Commons.

Mr. J asked me to join the newspaper staff. I don’t think so, but maybe. I could put it on a thingamajiggy for college. He also changed a word on the script I edited: the word, dissuade. He doesn’t think that people are going to know what it means.

I was really annoyed about this and remember arguing with him (a lot) about it.

I always deem people to be more intelligent than others, that everyone has the same intelligence as myself. Except, of course, a few exceptions: Football Players and some others I can’t think of right now.

So, all we know for sure is Football Players. Got it.

Also, *ugh* the word “deem” is so awful I wish I would stop using it.

Then there is a fragment

Today is the last day before

But I think we all know I’m talking about Christmas Break.

E and I are going to go to midnight mass tomorrow night. E has never gone to a Catholic church. I’ve warned her that they are probably going to ask for money several times, so she should bring lots of singles.

There are a few things that stuck with me from when we went to church when I was a kid, 1. they keep asking for money, 2. you get doughnuts after. To this day, if I sit in an auditorium-like setting in the early part of the day, I start craving doughnuts.

I then list a bunch of things I need to get done. This is a precursor to what my journals eventually turned into.

The committed reader of this blog has probably noticed that I talk about E a lot. I did actually have other good friends and I’ve been surprised that they haven’t come up much or at all so far. I think part of the reason is that they were in different classes and maybe had a little less patience with my philosophizing. But also E and I were pretty close and she was, from my weird, blind, insular perspective, a kind of tether to the mainland. Consequently, when she wasn’t around or had her own shit going on I got upset and whined about it a lot in my blank book.

For the rest of this entry, I complain about E’s boyfriend problems. I am simultaneously touchingly concerned about her, while remaining selfishly concerned about myself. I am also under the delusion that I could give good relationship advice, which I, apparently and thankfully, managed not to attempt in this case. I’m warning you now that vacation breaks were sad times for me. So, there will be more whining.


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