December 21, 1992

This one is blissfully short. I seem to have had difficulties with my pens this day.

I didn’t write over the weekend. I spent the whole weekend loafing around…3 more days of school before 11 days of Christmas vacation. For some reason, I’m looking forward to Christmas this year, more than before, not presents but sort of religiously. I want to go to church and I’m not sure why.

It had been two whole days since I’d written anything about my favorite authors, so

I brought A Room with a View with me to school today. It’s another of the best books. You can tell my favorite books because they usually have a whole bunch of yellow slips of paper stuck on the pages I really like. Where Angels Fear to Tread is another, but I seem to like his earlier books more than his later ones, probably because then he was closer to my age.

It suddenly occurs to me that it’s really too bad there wasn’t some kind of 24th century transporter/tachyon particle malfunction that caused 15 year-old me and 15 year-old E.M. Forster to be transported to the Enterprise where we’d get to meet and talk about boys in Ten Forward. Guinan would give us life advice and we would both be much happier.

The Longest Journey, which I lent to a girl I don’t know and am anxious to get back – Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas, that’s a movie R just told me to see – is a very good novel too. I would like to know someone like Ansell. I’d like to know someone who knows that they’re intelligent and therefore don’t have to spend their time wondering.

I had to look up this character and ended up reading the Wikipedia article on The Longest Journey because I’m LAZY. Ansell sounds like an asshole. He probably mansplains. No comment on Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas.

And, finally

Vesuvius, the volcano that buried Pompeii would be a very interesting name for a child.


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