Journal #1

My first journal was unruled and covered with blue fabric. I glued an envelope to the inside front cover that is now empty. There are cryptic numbers all over the place that are clearly not phone numbers or prices or anything. The writing inside is incredibly small as though I was afraid future me would never have the means to obtain another blank book. It’s worth noting, I think, that I’m legally blind, so my nose may have been up against the paper to accomplish this feat.

I named most of these books – after Star Trek movies – I’m sorry! So, this one is the Original Motion Picture. The first page is also covered with quotes which I’m not going to copy here because they are actually kind of boring. Represented in the quotes are: Blake, Wordsworth, a surprising number of Easter European proverbs, more Blake, Forster, Bob Ross, etc. I also wrote:

Here are recorded no adventures… if I have one I’ll get another book to write in.

Spoiler: there are no adventures in any of these books.

The content covers a year and a day, from December 13th, 1992 – December 13th, 1993. I shit you not. That last entry is squished at the bottom of the last page. There are 158 pages of writing in this, which I know because I NUMBERED EVERY PAGE. Apparently, sometime later. For much of this journal, I ended each entry with a really obvious, big, misshapen semicolon. Why? WHY??

For anyone with really sharp eyes who may be wondering, yes, I did start out that March 24th, 1993 post wondering

If you killed someone you hated, would you object to getting their blood all over your hands?

But, to be fair, I was quoting a friend.


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