I used to keep a journal

I started keeping a journal on December 13th, 1992 when I was 15. I have five paper journals that I kept up, increasingly sporadically, until the last entry on June 7th, 2000.


But, when I was 15, I was really into my journal. Other things I was really into at this time:

The Author at 15.
  • My dog Elliot
  • Star Trek
  • The Italian Renaissance
  • E. M. Forster
  • William Blake
  • (Books in general)
  • Socialism
  • Complaining about tyranny

I found the journals in my old room at my dad’s house earlier this winter. I keep looking at them and thinking either that they are funny or that they are horrifying. YOU DECIDE.

I don’t plan to actually retype everything in these, because I’m far too lazy for that and also SECRETS, but most of these are broken into dated chunks that could be covered as “highlights of” in a blog post.

Also, because there will be two of us talking, I think we’ll need different fonts:

ā—Š This is me at 15. I like to drink tea when I watch Star Trek.

ā—Š This is me at 39. I like to drink booze when I watch Star Trek.


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